Marey ECO 270 220V Self-Modulating 27 kW, 6.5 GPM Multiple Points

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  • ETL approved
  • Designed using SMART Technology.
  • Up to 3 point of use application
  • Recommended for the whole US region


  • 220 volts
  • Requires (3) 50 Amp double pole breaker.
  • Must be installed no more than 40 feet from the intended point of use.
  • Whole house application
  • Its LCD panel allows you to program the desired temperature
  • German-designed with high quality stainless steel water channel and heating chamber. The ECO line by Marey is the only one in the market with a corrosion resistant patented heating element which reduces hard water build up from chlorine and calcium.
  • Activated by water pressure (5 to 85 PSI) from the moment the faucet is opened.
  • No need for pre-heating: instant tankless water heater on demand heating.
  • Must be installed by a professional plumber or electrician to ensure safety and quality.
  • Comes with 5 year warranty

Marey ECO270 provides 27 kW of power, being the perfect solution for a whole house application. This unit provides 38° F increase at 6.5 GPM, allowing you to have up to 3 points of use running simultaneously in hot climates. Check the temperature map for more information. Tankless water heaters provide an efficient hot water solution eliminating the stand-by energy consumption of conventional tank units.