About Us

Our Story:

Power Plus Retailers is a digital retailing and wholesaling platform powered by Wilchestrade LLC, a family business dedicated to sell home and industrial equipment to final consumers and the industry


Power Plus Retailer’s mission is to offer water heating and water pumping equipment with the best quality standards to small, medium and large companies. Our main market niches are related to plumbing, construction, agriculture and food production in The United States and the globe.

The mission will be fulfilled through constant relationships with new clients, offering them the best solution to their need and at the best possible price

How We Build Relationships with New Clients:

 Power Plus Retailers has agreements with financial technology companies related to business credit and credit for the end consumer, these agreements are letting the company the capabilities of offering net 30, 60 or 90 payment terms to clients with whom it is possible to establish an outstanding long-term relationship


Be a leading digital business at a national and international level, recognized and positioned in several industries such as, the construction, plumbing, agriculture and food production