Kit Plug & Drain Pedrollo Top 2 Floor V.115/60Hz.

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Pedrollo always pays great attention to the requirements of its clients, however unusual or unexpected these may be.  This is the reason why it is constantly extending and renewing its range of products and improving their reliability and performance.  Over the past few years the dramatic changes in the climate have accustomed us to long periods of drought interspersed with sudden and violent perturbations during which there are times when as much rain falls in the space of a few minutes as would have normally fallen in several months.  As a result there are floods and flooding which often create emergencies for which the population is not prepared.

Pedrollo, a leader in handling water, has designed and manufactured PLUG & DRAIN, an original and indispensable emergency kit which allows one to rapidly and effectively tackle flooding in garages, cellars and basements as these are the first to end up under water.  PLUG & DRAIN contains everything that is required, in order and ready for use, in a compact crate which is easily stored on a shelf in the cellar or in the garage.

The kit consists of a submersible pump fitted with a ready-fitted rapid connector to which the hose can be attached, ten metres of power cable fitted with a Schuko plug and an external float switch, and a 15 metre long PVC hose diameter 1 ¼” with a rapid connector.  The crate also acts as a filter in order to prevent possible bulky residues blocking the suction of the water.

The PLUG & DRAIN kit is very simple to use: if premises are flooded all one has to do is to place the crate on the floor, attach the hose to the pump by means of the rapid connector and plug into the electricity network.  That’s it: fast, safe and effective.  Hence the PLUG & DRAIN name which says it all, taking Plug & Play electric appliances as an example as all one has to do is plug them in to start using them!

The plastic crate-filter is able to drain down to a level of about 2 cm from the bottom; in order to drain the residual water one only needs to disconnect the pump from the crate and place it on the floor, keeping the float switch raised so as to use it in manual mode.  The pump will thus be able to drain down to a level of only 2 mm from the bottom of the premises.  PLUG & DRAIN, a simple and practical solution to flooding from the leading manufacturer of pumps.

To know more about PLUG & DRAIN features, please download the technical file by clicking here.